Newbie Software Bundle Question

So being new to the FreePBX solution… we’re in a situation where we’ve decided to move from a hosted FreePBX solution to an inhouse solution. I’ve gone ahead and done the registration and setup… setup both an inbound and outbound trunk… setup the IVR and the call groups… but I’ve done all of this in a LAB environment on a desktop PC. Over the weekend I’ll be doing a new installation on a VM that will become our Production system.

I have been holding off purchasing any of the software bundles because I’ve known that the system that I’ve setup will not be the production system however and I would only want to license/register our production system and not have to buy two licenses (one for lab, one for prod). So I guess I’m asking is there a solution/way to have an identical setup in both a lab AND production environment?

My guess is that there probably isn’t due to the whole piracy thing but I guess I’m wondering what you experts might do in this situation?

Any help is appreciated!

Its absolutely possible while you are enabling the licenses for your deployment ID, you can use the same deployment ID when finished in lab and put it on your production system and there you go!

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