Newbie question


I am very new on asterisk and freebpx, so there is a server running on suse10.2 with the latest asterisk and freepbx installed(the instalation was made after the documentation).
I set up a couple of sip account and I try to call one of them from the other one. I got no response or if I set up a Voicemail account then I got automatically the voicemail without ringing the other sipphone (eyebeam).
Can someone give me a sollution or pointing me on the right path?
I am pretty disperate.

this site has a good guide on xlite

you would to give the lay out
router… server… clients… nat…

log files

probably it has. But I didn’t find anything yet only general stuff. Can you please write me a link or something?

My bad I forget the link

for a complete guide

thanks I will take a lok at it and I will let you know if and when I managed to make something