Newbie Question: Phone pulling from address book/directory

Hello all.

I have recently been dealing with an issue on a Linksys SIP phone. In the top right of the LCD on the phone, it shows a common name for the person’s extension to which it is configured. They have recently done some staff moving and I need to get the name changed on the extension. So far, this is what I have done:

  1. modified asterisk phonebook
  2. modified extension under setup -> extensions

I have rebooted this phone, and it still keeps on pulling the name from somewhere. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.



If the users name is on the phone when it is sitting idle doing nothing then that is the phone’s configuration files (or settings in the phone directly) not the phone system configuration and files.

If it shows up when the call is made from that extension to another then that is the part of the phone system and it’s configuration files (extension setup).

OK, cool. Everything sounds like it is tied up into the extension setup, is that right?

Any way to “sync” the phones that I may be missing (other than rebooting)?

I don’t know how the linksys phones work exactly (aastra, polycom, cisco) but most phones pull a config file via ftp/http/tftp and that is separate (but normally stored on the same server) from FreePBX. Most also work by using the Mac address of the phone as the configuration file name with some ending like .cfg. so you’ll need to go hunting and find all that stuff and adjust it.

Good stuff. I’ll start poking around and find it.

Thanks a bunch.