Newbie question - Orientation about external calls

Hi everyone,

I’m new to this kind of technology and PBX administration, so I’m sorry for asking this.

We have installed FreePBX Distro and set up some extensions that work reasonably good internally. We can make calls between us even if we are at the office or at any place.

The next step is to configure an external analog line we have, so we can receive calls externally and Asterisk can manage them, customers can dial our extensions, we can call from anywhere using that line, etc. We have bought a Digium internal card that supports four analog lines.

I need a little orientation, where I have to go, I don’t need a lot of details, only a way to go forward.

Thanks a lot in advance,

There is a lot of info about configuring DAHDI to get the card to work. Digium also provides free support for their products.