Newbie question on FreePBX reports

Could someone please help. I am relatively new to FreePBX and am trying to find out how to get simple reports using the reporting tool in the administration GUI.

All I am trying to do is find out how many unique incoming calls we are getting on a daily or monthly basis but am finding it very difficult to extract this simple information.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.

Click on the reports tab in FreePBX and scroll down. I believe what you are looking for is right there.


You should be able to use SQL wildcard characters % and _ to match the DESTINATION, SOURCE, and CHANNEL in your call records. The following method may work for you, but you may need to adjust it for UK dialing patterns.

[] Go to the Call Logs tab under Reports.
] Select Selection of the month, make sure From: and To: both indicate the same month, and check the checkboxes next to From: and To: (if you are reporting on the current month, uncheck the checkbox next to To:) .
[] Make sure DESTINATION, CHANNEL, and DURATION are blank.
] For SOURCE enter _______ (seven underscore characters) and choose the Begins with radio button.
[*] Click Search button.

Step 3 above forces the report to only count calls with a Source that is seven or more characters long. Since the external callers have telephone numbers seven or more numbers long, all calls from external callers are included, but calls from the shorter internal extensions are not counted. The Number of calls : shown directly above the - Call Logs - table indicates the total number of calls for the month you selected above. Below the - Call Logs - table is a TOTAL table. It lists call statistics by day. The CALLS column indicates the total number of calls for that day.

You’ll need to sanity check the results. Depending on how your trunks and routes are setup, some outgoing calls may appear to be sourced from one of your outgoing CIDs. If that happens, you can use other conditions to try to eliminate those calls from the results. If you have certain trunks that are only used for incoming calls, you can search for those in the CHANNEL field like using wildcards.

I hope that gives you something to work with.

Thanks, Seth

Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try.

Kind regards


I have tried that but the problem lies in what info is required in the destination, source and channel fields???

All I really want to do is identify incoming calls over a certain period (i.e. a single day).

The problem I have had is when looking at the table there are multiple entries for a single inbound call which is difficult to use.

Thanks anyway.