Newbie question on configuration files


I am running FreePBX on a Rhino Ceros Box over TrixBox/Asterisk 1.2. My understanding is that the Asterisk configuration is stored in a mysql database. So, for example, if I want to make changes to the RTP ports, should I go against the sip.conf file or find the table where these parameters are stored? I read either on this forum or on Trixbox forum that any direct changes made to the configuration files will be overwritten, the next time Asterisk restarts.

I am a bit confused on this issue. I would appreciate an insight on this.

Thanks so much.


FreePBX does not rewrite rtp.conf after an initial installation so you can safely change that file to your desired ports. That file is only supplied at initial install time and as long as you use the module admin system to upgrade yourself (assuming you are starting with 2.3) you should be fine.

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