NEWBIE Question Just installed freepbx - cant get phones to dial each other internally

I just installed the freepbx distro. I have set up two extensions 101 and 102
I have the phones registered. I cannot dial the other extension internally. I have been trying to find out where I setup dial patterns or routes etc for internal calling and I have had zero luck.

To recap, I want to dial 102 from 101, right now , no go.

Any help would be much appreciated. If I can get past that hurdle this may just be the sweet beginning of a new skill.


At least post some output from the Asterisk console so we can debug. You have provided no information to allow us to assist.

How do I post output from the Asterisk console?

This is a brand new install, I am just wondering if there is a step beyond setting up the extensions that allows internal calls. Or better asked. What would your next step be after two phones have successfully registered

Disregard… it was a bad phone haha… new phone and it works.

Thanks for looking here though