Newbie Question - Hardware and Setup

New to the forum and this will be the first time setting up FreePBX. I have a few questions before I replace their dying Panasonic PBX system. I’ve purchased an i7 desktop with 4GB of memory that I want to install FreePBX on a TDM410P Asterisk Card 4 module for the AT&T POTS to connect to and then 10 POE powered Cisco 4971. These will be connecting through existing network that spreads between 5 buildings. Each building has a Cisco 3750 and the buildings are connected through Mikrotik SXT. Each building has 1-3 Cisco Access points and all connections are wireless. They have satellite internet that is 12 down 5 up and data capped at 15 GB per month so VOIP over internet isn’t an option.

Will the hardware mentioned support this
Do I need 2 FXS modules or 2 FXO modules for the Asterisk card?
Will the existing Cisco 3750’s need to be configured for a VLAN and QoS ?
Will FreePBX walk me through POTS or is it setup more for SIP\Trunks?

I’ve been watching YouTube videos and scrolling through forums to try to absorb as much information on FreePBX prior to asking these questions. Thanks in advance.

FXO modules connect to your POTS provider.
FXS modules connect to extensions.
So sounds like you want all FXOs.
Digium cards should be recognized out of the box. The more complex sip trunk parameters are not needed with FXO trunks but there are still lots of configuration options if you need to tweak them.
You’d still need to configure the card for freepbx for inbound and outbound.
Your incoming routes then need to be configured for destinations which are often IVRs which can lead to sip/pjsip extensions.

Thanks for the assistance.

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