**newbie question** Extensions


This is a newbie question so sorry for any wrong wording or term.

In our company, we can sit at any desk in the morning we want if it is available. We want to create a new VOIP system with Cisco 7960 phones, but we need to maintain our sit-any desk you want rule. In order to do that, we must forward user’s extension to the new phone he sit in the morning everyday. Is there a way or term for that to be done without any delay for other users’ calls or any reload ?

And other than that, we must use the same phone on some cases with someone we are working together in the meeting room. So we must forward the extensions of two users to the same phone. Is this possible? Or is this a question non-related to FreePBX?

Don’t be so snotty. Your last post is a good way to make sure nobody gives you any help.


There are lots of ways to what you want happen. You could create queues for each inbound route and then have the user log into the appropriate queue. Multiple users can log into a single queue and a user can log into multiple queues.



I will try this scenario.

any answer will be great.