Newbie Question extensions_custom.conf...when r changes applied?

A simple question:

if I modify ``extensions_custom.conf’’ what do I have to do to have these changes applied?

If I issue the command ``show dialplan’’ in the Asterisk CLI I don’t see the changes I have made. Is there a cron job I have to set up?

Can you point me to additional documentation relating to the ``extensions_custom.conf’’ file?

Thanks in advance from a newbie,

type “reload” at the CLI

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Thank-you very much!

Did you hear me screaming @ freePBX?

Typing help'' @ the Asterisk CLI I get a lot of commands, but notreload’’

All of the commands that contain the word ``reload’’ are:

ael reload----------Reload AEL configuration
dialplan reload-----Reload extensions and only extensions
dnsmgr reload-------Reloads the DNS manager configuration
gtalk reload--------Enable Jabber debugging
iax2 reload---------Reload IAX configuration
jabber reload-------Reload Jabber configuration
logger reload-------Reopens the log files
mgcp reload---------Reload MGCP configuration
module reload-------Reload configuration
moh reload----------Music On Hold
sip reload----------Reload SIP configuration

Is anything else missing?

What does ``dialplan reload’’ do?

Thanks again for your help.