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I’m new to using FreePBX ‘VoIP Server’ and I’m working with a company that uses it as a paging platform. We have a mini server and use speakers as endpoints. Each speaker having its own extension number and deployed into different rooms. We can dial page groups or individual extensions and make live announcements.

Currently, we have pre-recorded messages uploaded into the system such as “Lockdown” or “Fire Drill”. I would like to create a feature code that would allow me to play these recordings on the fly.

I’ve done some research on the FreePBX website and discovered the Page Pro module. If I add this module to our current software, would it enable me to create a feature code that would allow me to play pre-recorded messages on the fly?

As a newcomer to FreePBX, I appreciate any guidance or advice on this matter. Thank you in advance for your help!

Yes you can do that with Pro. You will be able to define a recording to play to the group and if the person paging doesn’t wish to speak they can just hang up. The announcement recording continues to play until the end of the recording.

Thank you for the reply lgaetz, is there a page on this community that shows how to install modules and create feature codes etc?

Commercial Modules - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Paging and Intercom Module - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Page Pro - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Thank you! :facepunch:

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