Newbie needs help :-(

Hi All,

I am playing around with the idea of IP phones, I was an IT manger but have never used them so i thought its time to learn!

i have tried some things but cant seem to get it to work…

The story so far…

  1. i have created an account with sipgate

  2. I have installed AsterixNow 1.7 on vmware on my lappy, it gives my IP for asterisk as 33.5 when its started.

  3. on my router i have set ports 5060 & 8000 (which on the port numbers on the sipgate x-lite) to forward to asterisk on IP 33.5.

  4. using details from other posts i have created trunks etc.

created Sip Trunk

Trunk Description; Sipgate

Outgoing Setting:

Trunk name; sipgate

peer details;

username=my sipgate number
secret=my spigate password
fromuser=my sipgate number
authuser=my sipgate number

incoming settings= all blank

register string: sipgatenumber:sipgate [email protected]/sipgate number

Inbound Routes::

Description: sipgate incoming
DID Number: 01782then my number
signal ringing: ticked

Destination: voicemail <100> mark (busy

but when i ring the number from my mobile the sipgate x-lite rings on my lappy even though i have it set to voicemail.

i ave also setup an extension but i dont think its right either…

any help would be appreciated. many thanks

if you run multiple softphones on your pc, all registering to your asterisk install can the extensions for the sip softphones call each other ?