Newbie needs help - freepbx door station surveillance installation

HI all,

I am a complete newbie and unfamiliar IP phones and freepbx in general…Since I have that going for me - I thought I would ask for help. I hope this is the right place.

Project Details -
I was thrown into this as the existing stand along equipment would not work. We have two door stations (IP cameras with a IP phone connection) and four GrandStream GXV3275 IP phones scattered through the house.

What I need -
A button press (or call) to ring all the phones and imitate a conversation with the door station. FWIW - I can make a one to one or point to point call, but cannot create a ring group (if that is the right terminology) so that one door station rings all the inside phones.

I am told the FreePBX could be used to create ring groups and do the routing. I have installed FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi and if it up and running. Can someone help me get his configured by outlining the basic steps?

Also - I am assuming FreePBX is the right tool for this. If not, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks - Newbie.


There are two possibilities:

  1. Create a ring group in the Freepbx and add all the extensions that you want to call.
    a. Upon creation the ring group, set the number of the ring group (usually 600, but you will see it after its creation) in the door station settings.

  2. Set the follow-me module of your extension to ring all the extensions that you want (a mini ring group).

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