Newbie installing pbx network

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a site, and we need to install this type of configuration.
I want to install this network
see picutres:

How many does it take to install and configure the free pbx distro for a person non specialized.

What server do i need ( small office network, 10 users max)
What kind of ATA do i need ? ( i thought about the pap2t)
Is there any user guide for newbie to configure the freepbx distro?

Thank you for your help,

I don’t understand this question. How many what do you need?

I also don’t understand what a “non-specialized” person is. If they don’t know telephony or FreePBX they might never get it to work.

Realize that it’s not so much the FreePBX knowledge, we offer one of the simplest to configure interfaces for Asterisk (you do realize that FreePBX is just a part of the puzzle, by itself itself it does nothing).

To answer your questions:

1 - A small ATOM server is all you need. I recommend the Supermicro (link below. Put a couple of SSD’s in RAID mode and you have an almost no moving parts solution.

2 - PAP2T’s are the industry standard and supported by the endpoint manager

3 - Look on the bottom of the page, do you see the link to “Documentation”…I would start there.

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First off I would not use an ATA for the phone line connection. You need an FXO port so the PAPT2 will be no good as that only has an FXS port. FXO ports connect to PSTN lines whilst FXS ports connect to analogue phones.

To support the system as specified I would look at something like:

  1. A smallish PC system (Atom processor will do, 2-4GB memory, plus a Solid State system disk - cheap these days). Make sure that it accepts full height PCI-Express cards as there are very few FXO analogue boards that are half height.
  2. A single port analogue card (1xFXO port). Have a look at cards from OpenVOX, Sangoma, or Digium.
  3. I don’t know about the Dell switches that you have. Do they support Power over Ethernet and Quality of Service. Both are important for IP phone choice/connection.
  4. For someone who hasn’t a lot of experience with IP Phone systems FreePBX is a great GUI for Asterisk and I would encourage you to explore it and become familiar with it’s functionality (which is quite large).
  5. It easily possible to setup two phones in a ring group to ring when the analogue line is called and to allow the analogue line to be used for outbound calls by all phones. But remember that once this line is used it is used so only one person can call at one time.
  6. Each phone will have an extension number so any internal phone can call any other internal phone.

It looks as if your Internet connection (being slow - what does that mean?) will not be capable of VoIP but it might be worth investigating that if you need more than one active outbound/inbound call at one time.