Newbie install: Cant access fist config page

Just installed FreePBX 14 on a Asterisk 18 Contos machine.
When I try to access the webpage it just redirect to servername/admin/config.php and I get a HTTP 500 Error.

Followed this guide here: computingforgeeks (.) com / how-to-install-freepbx-on-rhel-centos-8

What have I done wrong?


Current Asterisk and version old FreePBX on random OS.

What is your business need for this?

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Newbie install

If you’re a newbie, then I strongly recommend you not follow a random tutorial using an aging version of FreePBX and instead install with the FreePBX Distro.


I mirror the other sentiments here.

why oh WHY would you use Freepbx14, on asterisk 18?

i would STRONGLY recommend just grabbing the sangoma linux iso and using that (hint: )

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