Newbie: How to register Gigaset Go Box 100

Hello all,

I am new in Asterisk and need help to configure my Asterisk with FreePBX. I want to register the Gigaset Go Box 100. How can assist?


The normal way we’d help with a situation like this goes like this:

You tell us what you did, and what worked. You then tell us what you did that didn’t work.

After that, we ask a bunch of questions. If you gave us good information in the first set of interactions, the questions will be good one and we can help you narrow the problem set and maybe suggest a course of action that eventually leads to either success or the understanding of why you can’t get there from here.

If you give us a lot of bogus information or tell us what you think is not working, we’ll likely focus on the misinformation, ask a lot of stupid questions (which may happen anyway) and we end up 150 messages later no closer to a solution than we were when you started.

So - your turn. What did you try, what worked, and what didn’t?

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As @cynjut says. To start, include a screenshot of the account settings in the Gigaset Web Configurator.

Does the device register? If not, what if anything appears in the Asterisk log when it attempts to register?

If it does register, what happens on an outgoing call attempt? An incoming call attempt?

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