Newbie Help


How do I connect Google Voice to an extension so it can make outgoing calls from that extension.
Also receive calls when GV # is called.


On the Inbound route for GV you need to set the destination to be EXT. and then the EXT you want it to ring on.

You will also need a Outbound route saying use GV trunk to dial out.

Is GV Trunk an option on the latest version of FreePBX? Should I use asterisk 13 or 11?

Did you add the GV module in the Module Admin?

Module Admin>
Check Online>
Scroll to Connectivity and look for Google Voice

Install that and then go to Connectivity and you will see a option for GV where you will enter the GV settings.

Thanks @garretn I will try that

I updated the last step above so read again. :smile: