Newbie help - where's the GUI?

I’m a current Trixbox user who’s getting ready to move to FreePBX and in the process of learning the differences in the two as they apply to our little shop.

I’ve built a test machine on a Dell Poweredge SC1420 with 4GB RAM and small 150GB HDD. I did the Easy Install FreePBX Distro using the ISO file. I didn’t see any errors during the installation.

My question, basic as it is, is what’s next? I don’t have any sort of GUI on the local machine and it doesn’t tell me what it’s IP is to access any sort of browser based GUI.


Can you log into the system and do an “ipconfig”? That will tell you the IP of the machine. Point your browser at that IP.

You’ll find the answer to your question, and many more that are likely to follow, here:

IPCONFIG says there’s no such command but I see on the link from AdHominem it uses a IFCONFIG. Being a Windows person I almost didn’t catch that difference.

Thanks for the link.

Ops. My bad. When you switch from maintaining windows and unix systems as much as I do you find yourself constantly typing the incorrect commands for common tasks such as looking at an interface.