[Newbie but techie] intra-extension calls always busy


I’m running Trixbox/FreePBX 2.2.1 On VMWare on Windows 2003 R2 Server; 512 Mb is assigned to the VMWare session, and running on an IBM XSeries 330 (Dual 1.4 GHZ PIIIs) with 53GB RAID.

I downloaded and installed this on 8/15/2007, so should have all the latest stuff.

I’m using Vitelity for outbound and DID Termination, and a Linksys PAP2Ts for endpoints.

Everything, from inbound routes with DIDs to Voicemail to Ring Groups all work fine. I’ve installed a bunch of the Nerd Vittles apps and they also work fine.

Here’s the problem: If I dial from extension to extension, it always says the extension is busy and goes to voice mail. If I create a Ring Group with a single extension in it and call the ring group, it works fine!

If I set up an Inbound Route and route it to the ring group, it works fine. However, if I route it to CORE/extension, it says the user is on the phone and goes to voice mail.

I’ve searched this forum and nothing makes sense to me.
I’m a 25+ year windows developer, but having a lot of fun with this! What a GREAT piece of software! I just want to understand/solve this issue.

Thanks in advance for any hints to solving this one.

go into one of the extensions you can’t call in the gui and re-submit it and then try calling it again. If that fixes it, do that with the rest (since you are on vmware - I can’t imagine you have too many).

I’ve tried re-submitting the extensions, even deleting and re-creating.
Adding new extensions, I still have the exact same problem.

Re: # of extensions on VMWare. Actually, not an issue. I am using this as a SOHO PBX; when testing, using a 3Mbps/768kpbs DSL, I had 4 extensions connected to three trunks, with IVR running on each, and no glitches!

On the Windows side of the house, I have OCS and Speech Server 7. So the box is pretty busy.

Anyway, any suggestions out there? I’m stumped.


Under general settings in the freepbx GUI there’s an option at the bottom saying “Allow anonymous SIP calls” or something like that. It’s defaulted to “no” so change it to yes.

Btw, is it working nicely to run asterisk under VMware? I’ve heard some scare stories about it making the phonecalls laggy and glitching in sound since vmware shares cpu cycles and stuff.

Fredrik Eriksson