Newbi here,

Here is my config:
Sangoma Phone System 300 Server
FreePBX 13.xx.xx
Incoming calls are completing to Voicemail, only,not ringing on any extension
outgoing calls are fine except from one extension

I decided to enable LDAP and a contact list of Google Contacts via a Grandstream 3275 phone, it was maybe a week after that everything started going south.
The other change I made on freepbx was a conformity change in “Applications Extensions” the main extension was called something other than the extension number and I changed that from “John Doe’s Office Phone” to “2000” which is the main extension number for the grandstream phone actually 2000,2001,2002,2003 are the 4 for the grandstream 3275

2000 = 562-596-898*
2001 = 209-729-077*
2002 = 209-890-126*
2003 = 209-890-127*

anyone have any ideas on what setting in FREEPBX could be doing this I would appreciate the assistance

Greatly Appreciated

sorry if i am missing something, but what exactly is the problem…you have stated your environment, but when you say “everything is going south”…what are you referring to?

again, sorry if i missed it