Newbee needs some help regarding accepting incoming calls

Hi Group,

I’m a newbee with FreePBX, and try to play with FreePBX running on a beagleboneblack. I managed to set up some extensions, and those using the AIX2 protocol in fact work nice (can call from extension to extension etc.). However, trying to add ANY SIP extension does only work to the degree that I can call such an extension from an interna (AIX based) extension, but I can’t call back, the sip extension always get’s an “Unauthorized” message. Then, while I can sucessfully place outbount calls using my sip provider, incoming calls are not answered. It’s NOT a NAT or firewall problem as I see the SIP invite message when using Wireshark. FreePBX answers it also with a “unauthorized”.

I’m trying for days now, and I would really appreciate a little step by step instrcution on what’s needed to a) be able to initate calls with my sip extensions and b) to receive incoming calls. I tried to create a ringgroup, or adding extensions to an incoming route all to no avail. It’s really getting frustrating…