Newbe playsound

Hallo I an complete new with the Freepbx. If i have an local extension an i will like to play an soundfile to the caller always when caller call to that local extension where do i do that ?.



Look at adding an announcement. Top Menu->Applications->Announcement

If this does not help, please provide a more detailed description of the call flow, and I will give you a more detailed response.

First thx for the quick reply. I have look at the Announcement but can’t get the hang on it.

What i what is that when a local call my local ext. 14 then it should play a sound can’t find where i bind the announcenment with ext 14.

An extension is for a phone. You can either use an inbound route and send a DID to the announcement or setup an IVR and program option 14 to go to the announcement.