Newb - ring groups and voicemail?

Go easy on me … first attempt at freepbx for a small office environment, only SIP for all inbound & outbound calls.

In ring groups, i can set 3 extensions to ring, so incoming calls can be answered by any of the three people. This seems to ring the extension, even if it is busy - It still rings. Can I set this ring group to only ring the available extensions ?

i.e. Ringgroup will call extensions 100,101,102, but if say 101 is already on a call, it should not ring that extension, only the other two available extensions.

What should I do for unanswered incoming calls - Should I setup a generic extension for a “company” voicemail, have the unanswered calls directed to this voicemail and then the voicemail message emailed to a particular address & deleted ?

I’m sure it seems like a silly question, but I’d appreciate any pointers !


  1. Look closely at the options when setting up the ring group and you will see an option to skip busy extensions.

  2. I typically setup an extension for general VM. You can have the VM emailed or have someone check the VM.

Thanks Alan.

I missed that in my haste.

There seems to be more options available than are covered in the help, when I mouse over the question mark.