Newb - RasPBX to Hunt Group

Hey all,

I’m a newb looking for some friendly advice. I just setup RasPBX (Asterisk/FreePBX for Raspberry Pi) on a Raspberry Pi 3. It’s all up and running and I was able to tie it into a Motif line and to an announcement I recorded as a test.

Ultimately, I’m trying to create a hunt group that rings several extensions, when you call the Google Voice line’s DID.

Do I need a second channel to be able to do that?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


A GV account has two channels. With default settings, you shouldn’t have to to anything special.

For example, you set up extensions A and B. Create a Ring Group that simultaneously rings both A and B. Point the Inbound Route for your GV line to the new Ring Group.

When a call comes in, both A and B will ring. Let’s say that you answer on A. Now, another call comes in. You will get a call waiting indication on A and can answer if desired. However, B will also ring and another person could answer the second call there.

Thank you kind person! Much appreciated.


Btw, i recently tested, i had four channels working.

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