New Yealink T46S and EPM

I am buying T46S Yealink phones. The β€œS” version is an upgrade to the T46G version.
You think there would be any compatibility issues with commercial EPM?

Not currently supported in EPM

Are there plans to add them or has Yealink stopped this process?

This is a question for Yealink.

If they are converting all of their phones to the S series it would seem like shooting themselves in the foot to no longer be on your supported list.

This is a comment for Yealink.

Looks like it’s in the works.

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Yes they as of this week renewed their certification with us so its being worked on,

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Is there a ETA on this?

Rest Apps -

Contacts does not work

Queue Agent does not work

Park - Works

EPM is being worked on at this moment.

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The T4xS models were added in Endpoint Manager 13.0.105. You’ll also need Phone Apps 13.0.87.

They are currently only available in EDGE (