New with freepbx, a lot of problems

Hi, im new at using preepbx, actually there was a guy at the place i work and one day he just left, now im in charge and have no idea what im doing jeje, i´ll explain my problems and i would really really really appreciate if you can help mw guys.

  1. this morning the server war dowm i restarted the internet mode, i worked, but i think thats not the better waay of doing it.
  2. I can make external calls, i mean, i cant call numbers outside the extensions and we really really need to make those calls.
  3. i´ve tried to create new extensions, but it looks like im messing it time and time again.

so, any help, maybe a mail so i can chat with someone, or skype, facebook, msn, whats app, anyyything im kinda desperate.
thanks fort the support
best regardas

The support button at the top will allow you to purchase support direct from FreePBX. Nobody is going to fix your box for free.