New version of an old Bluetooth application

I recently finished a retooling of the Bluetooth Proximity checker from PIAF. It’s similar (conceptually) but is different enough that it really isn’t the same thing. It now checks for the IP address and/or BT-MAC address of a BT device. It can be anything, including the BT receiver in your car.

It uses the database for the device settings, and uses the realtime CFW variables from the Manager interface to either set or clear the CFW all to a specific phone number.

One weird side-effect. If the phone (or headset, or Blackberry, or car) receiver is off, all calls will be forwarded to the designated phone - typically a cell phone. If the phone is off, everything goes straight to the cell voicemail. This can be problematic if the phone is part of a ring-group.

Anyway - the reason I’m talking about it is because I’d like some help getting it ready for integration into FreePBX (as an add-on package, for example). The working part of the system is ready for prime time, but setting the thing up requires MySQL INSERT commands at the command line, which is not really cool.

Who would I talk to about making this script FreePBX ready?