New version FreePBX distro and attended transfer logic problem

Hi all!

First sorry for my English.

In FreePBX distro 1.810.210.57-1, and 1.811.210.57-1 there is a problem when using attended transfer.

First UserA call UserB.
Next UserB answered. UserA said the transfer of the UserC (UserB use *2 for this).
User C picks up the phone and tells the userB will not accept the call and hangs up.
In this case the call is cut off from the userA and userB.

in current version don’t work: A->B, B *2 to C, C answered B, but hangup after 5-10 seconds, B could’t tell A why C hangup…

in version work: A->B, B *2 to C, C answered B, but hangup after 5-10 seconds. Channel between user A and B is up! UserB can tell UserA.

Sorry for my English.

I found solution:

How i can apply this to FreePBX Distro? Where are srpm for asterisk package?

You can get the SRPM from as that is where we grab them from.

In i found only this:

its contain asterisk-

i cannot found asterisk18- installed on FreePBX Distro version 1.810.210.57-1 on

The minor release of -1 versus -27 is just our build cycle nothing to do with anything else.

Just grab the 1.8.10 or 1.8.11 tarball from Digium and install it and apply the patch.