New user (no tonality)


My FreePBX and asterisk server is working fine my linksys PAP2T and the Free pbx system status tells me that I have 1 of each - Ip phones Online - IP Trunks Online - IP Trunks Registrations.I created a outbound Route that I linked to my Trunk but stil no tonality. I still have a bit of problem understanding the Dialed Number Manipulations rules fromm the route and Trunk but and I kept them empty.

Here’s some info from my SIP provider The VoIP dialling rules are: international prefix + national prefix + destination number. But if you want to dial as you are used to it from landline, you can setup your own dialling rules. Then you don’t need to dial a national or international prefix within our own city or to another city in your country.

I have a DID whit that provider.

Can someone one tell me what’s missing to get tonality in the analogue phone I connected to the linksey. Thank you


Lol I had it plugged in ‘‘phone2’’

Now I have tonality … but I can’t get a call out or in. I’m still positive i’m getting there. I ordered some support whit Freepbx and I can’t wait to see how this system works. :slight_smile: