New User Login Question

I have looked thru the fourm and saw the Can’t Login post question but I am a bit confused. It could be because I am old, and a long time windows user. This is my first entry in OS.

Installed PBX in a Flash and have done the passwd-master thingie. When I go to the web interface none of the logins work.

Is there something I should do besides the passwd-master?

I am just not used to command line syntax and not sure what that post was saying.

Thanks in advance for any help that gets me back on track.

I posted a question about 5 hours ago about loging into from the Web GUI.
So far no response.
Since this is my 1st post I really don’t know what to expect.
Don’t want to sound like a cry baby but I would have thought this was a
pretty easy one to answer.

I’m out of my element here as this is my 1st entry into any OS software
using command line syntax.

I would think that the user would be root and then the password I used
when I set up the server but this is not working.

Any help would be appreciated.


People answer questions when they have the time and know the answer to a given question, as we are all users here (for the most part) we each try to help others when we can (remember this is not paid support).

As I have not used PBX-in-a-Flash I don’t know what the default passwords they setup are. Have you considered asking this question on the PIAF forum instead of here?

FYI: questions can sometimes sit on this board for 24 or many more hours before somebody who knows takes the time to read them. Remember this is user supported…

Thanks for your reply. Feeling really dumb not knowing that this board is for something different
than PBX in a Flash.

As I mentioned earlier I’am an old guy who has used windows for the last 15 or so years.

They normally have one of their MVP’s who monitor the boards and
answer basic questions.

You have been a great help just letting me know that I am posting to the
wrong board.

I apologize for sounding crusty.

No problem and I know “old” people can learn new tricks ( :wink: ) as I’ve been paid to work with computers for over 27 years… and tinkering for over 30…

did you try maint/password ???