New Upgrades affecting Sound Quality

Yesterday and today I applied the latest available updates to several servers and now the call quality is at a point that it is difficult to hear anything or hold a conversation. This has been reported on 3 servers so far.

Cannot upload a .wav file so you cannot hear the issue.


Is PBX on-site or cloud?

What is this simplest thing with problems? For example, if you dial *43 (echo test), can you hear the instructions clearly? Is the echo messed up? Do calls between local extensions have problems? When leaving a voicemail from a local extension, does the greeting sound bad? Does the message left sound bad? If only outside calls are bad, is it the PBX user who can’t hear, the remote party, or both?

What does the ‘top’ command show?

What do your CPU and network usage stats show?

To post a .wav file, do one of these:

  1. Create a .tgz file containing the .wav and upload it here.
  2. Rename your .wav to have a .tgz extension and upload it here.
  3. Upload your .wav file to SoundCloud or similar and post the link here.
  4. Upload your .wav file to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and post the link here. However, if you do this in a manner that requires the listener to log in, be aware that many readers of this forum won’t do that.

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