New to VoIP. Destination if No Answer Confusion

Hello all,

As the subject states, I’m new to VoIP, and just trying to learn what I can. In short, the company I work at already had an established on-prem VoIP system utilizing FreePBX My predecessor has everything done through pjsip for extensions, utilizing phone number through Twilio.

For some reason, in the RingGroup for Destination if No Answer, randomly stopped working properly. It’s suppose to send to a specific extension 351 which is tied to being another employee’s cellphone. Their cellphone information is correct, and nothing was changed previously that I am aware of.

I have also tested it by using the extension set for my phone 337. Before it goes to my phone, it goes to another extension first for some odd reason, (307), before it goes to my 337 extension.

I’m really at a loss on what to do to start fixing this.

The goal is pretty simple of RingGroup rings to all phones, if no answer, go to extension 351.

I’m going to assume there is a simple fix that somehow I am overseeing.

I’m at a loss though. So my question is, what’s the best way for me to scan to see what is going on? Or is there really just something simple that I am overlooking?

Thanks for all your assistance.

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You would need to config one of the phone BLF buttons to play DTMF while in-call. That is something many phones can be configured to do, but I’m not familiar with that device so can’t advise how or even if it supports such a feature.

I appreciate your help. We have Polycom VVX 600s. I didn’t think I would have to adjust anything like that in order to fix a route issue.

Basically what’s happening is when no answer, Destination no answer is set to extension 351. But then it is terminating the call and giving an error message "message24 US-01-LV

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Share a call trace using the instructions here: Providing Great Debug - Support Services - Documentation

The wiki page suggests using, but that’s currently down. Use another service such as

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