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as the title states, I am new to VoIP and have come a long way learning as I go with the phone system (Polycom VVX 600 phones) we have in place in our small office, but there have been a few things that have happened recently that I can’t seem to find a fix for. One of them is adding new phones to the existing system, and for some reason a Find Me Follow Me and Destination if no answer issue.

Part of the issue is that the current existing phones I do not have access to them as the previous IT person who passed away did not update the passwords, which would result in me needing to factory reset each phone and start from scratch. I plan on doing this eventually, but not until I can make sure I can add new phones.

I added 3 new phones to the system, 1 in the office and 2 set for remote locations. I tested these all in the office and am having different results and all phones were factory reset.

Office phone: can dial extensions, can receive calls, cannot make outbound calls and gives an all circuits busy response.

Remote phone 1: Same issue

Remote phone 2: Performs as intended in the office. Can dial, receive, and call extensions. But when it was set up at the remote location it decided to act weird. It will call an extension but when answered there is nobody on the line, same with outbound calls. When you try calling that extension it just comes up busy, and it will not receive calls from the main ring group when an inbound call is made.

There is already another remote phone that was previously set up, and I verified that all the Network/Firewall settings are the same.

I have also double checked that I added the LANs to the Asterisk General SIP settings.

So I am not sure how to remedy this issue at all.

The other issue I am having is that out of the blue, the Destination if No Answer just stopped working entirely. Before if it was a Destination No Answer, it would forward the call to a cellphone, and now it does not.

I am at a loss on what to do at this point and am not sure what is relevant information to pass along to help troubleshoot this matter.

Currently operating on FreePBX

To help better as well… I pinged the remote phone from the server and vice versa. I also ran a sngrep and the extension shows rejected. DND is turned off.

Here is pastebin of trace calling extension 303 from 308

33600 [2023-12-13 15:25:15] VERBOSE[23941][C-0000008f] res_agi.c: dialparties.agi: EXTENSION_STATE: 4 (UNAVAILABLE)

What does Reports → Asterisk Info → Peers show for endpoint 303?
Does the Asterisk log show the endpoint going reachable and unreachable?

Possibly, you have a NAT association timing out (try setting a short registration expiry in the device), or a SIP ALG in the path (try turning it off).

I did some tinkering with the Outbound Routes recently today. Before it showed 303 as OFFLINE. After adjusting the Outbound Routes, it shows it as ONLINE now. I am waiting for someone to get to the remote location to test calls. From what I can tell, I can now dial the extension and it ring vs busy signal.

I’ll update as soon as I hear from them.

Ok, so it turns out for the remote phones, Outbound Routes was my issue. So I have that portion fixed.

But I still have difficulty with my other issue of Destination No Answer.

Currently the Destination No Answer is suppose to send it to extension 351 which is set up as a cellphone for after hours calls. What happens now is the phone just constantly rings, but the cellphone does not receive anything, then it terminates the call.

don’t use an extension, try using a Misc Destination

When I did that, it just gave me an error upon Destination if no Answer saying call can’t be completed.

when you say “Destinating No Answer” where in the call path are you talking about? Extension? IVR? Ring group?

25098 [2023-12-21 15:42:37] VERBOSE[25734][C-00000073] pbx.c: Executing [7605339728@from-internal:2] NoCDR(“PJSIP/abcTrunk_twilio-US1-VA-000001f1”, “”) in new stack

The call did not match an Outbound Route so it was rejected. First, is the format correct (or do you need 17605339728)? Next, do you have an Outbound Route that matches this number with the CallerID field blank? (If you have extension ranges in CallerID, the external calling number won’t match.) Finally, do you use Extension Routing and/or Class of Service modules? If so, make sure they aren’t blocking this call.

from that log, and to be fair I’m not an expert on reading these logs, it looks to me like a call came in to the system, was routed to a call group, nobody answered and then the call was routed to 7605339728 which received a “Call cannot be completed as dialed” message. I suspect because as @Stewart1 suggested, you probably need a 1 in front of the area code.

I don’t see where it doesn’t match an outbound route.

@Stewart1 am I missing something? again, far from an expert at deciphering the logs…

Ring Group for the Destination No Answer

I’m doublechecking the format. There is an outbound route set up to match the number. No modules.

You set up an outbound route just for this external number?

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