New to the phone, pbx and voip system


I post this topic a few days ago but I am not able to add comment or reply there as more than 7 days. New to the PBX phone system and migration
Thank you for all the replies. I appreciate it.

I am not going to use the Toshiba multi button sets anymore.
Because those single lines are still good to use, I want to use any compatible or suitable analog sets.
Which brands might be suitable and easy to setup?
@dicko suggested fxo/fxs sip gateway. Will it be possible to have 20~30 analog lines with it?
Any more suggestions.

Most FXO Sip Gateways can handle several channels. The one you choose will decide how many. For example

gets you 16 FXS channels. There may be others (Synway and Sangoma come to mind) that should be able to get you up to around 32.

If i use gateway, what kind of phones will be the best to use to get speed dials, voice mails etc?

Any top-end business-class 1 or 2-line desk phone should be able to do this.

Thanks. like this one ?

Yeah - that should work, I guess. I don’t know exactly what your requirements are, and I don’t know if you can use SIP phones instead of DAHDI phones. If you can use SIP, I’d recommend looking at Sangoma phones (like the S500 series) that might end up around the same price point after you buy the phone and the Gateway.

Thank you for your reply. We are on a limited budget to setup a proper network infrastructure for buildings in 1000 ft away. Currently we only have a twisted pair using for phone + another twisted for Network extender which is not that much stable. So if we use VoIP, I am fear that the line may drop or low quality.

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Perhaps look on ebay for adsl or sdsl network range extender’s



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