New to system, need help

Our guy who set up our system doesnt seem to know how to fix these problems. So I need some help.

  1. The panel to view all of my extensions and to view my trunks and queues gets stuck. As soon as a bunch of calls come in. It just kind of freezes and can’t update. We have a T1 line coming in to the system with 24 lines.

  2. We are trying to record calls, but can’t seem to do it anymore. Since we started with the T1 line it doesnt seem to be recording anymore. I kind of need help from scratch on how to get that working again.

Please help.

Thank You

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I have a problem testing my extensions. I’ve created 3 extensions on my Asterisk server
I’ve X-Lite softphones installed on two other computers on the same network with the server just for testing purposes. I tested them once and it worked but on the following attempts it failed. On the FreePBX Admin Module it says that it has encoutered a" Cronmanager error" My X-Lite softphones are registered and on their screen it is displayed that they are ready, but when I call another it keeps on telling me that it is unavailable.

What can I do please to get it working again


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