New to FreePBX

Quick question but first quick thanks. I was trying to get Microsoft Lync up and running for about two months with no success. Finally gave up and installed FreePBX this past weekend. have gotten further with that than I ever thought possible. Thanks all for your encouragement and help.

Now the questions…Will the Cisco 7975 work with FreePBX? I work for a small church and am looking to purchase about 20 of these phones. Does the phone have a web interface?

Thanks again for any help you can offer.


FreePBX has an endpoint manager so a phone having a web interface should not be a deciding factor. With 20 phones you should use automatic provisioning so you can manage the phones centrally.

The 7975 will work but it’s not the ideal phone for Asterisk/FreePBX. The BLF keys don’t work without patches to Asterisk and that’s just the beginning of the incompatibility.

Aastra and Yealink have color phones with massive touchscreens like the Cisco. Grandstream has a slick Android based phone that is under $200.

Thank again for the info. As I haven’t purchased any phones yet, I will look at the modules you suggested. Once I decide on a phone, I will repost and ask for instructions on getting it going. Again…many thanks,