New to freepbx need help!

Hi all I have latest freepbx with asterisk 11.5.1
on my VPS server

the systemin working good for local system codes like time etc.

However I cant get my trunk to work
I am using voipdito and see freepbx has registered via my webadmin on voipdito but I cannot make or receive calls…

also calls don’t showup on the logs so I cant debug the problem.

If you need any info from my posts please let me know

I am very new to all this

There is a lot more to setup, do you have a firewall, did you add required entries to that? Are you using Nat, do you have your phone system and phones inside or outside your network?
There are a lot of things to setup and you have to have much more information for someone to help.

Thanks for the reply i have got Everything working thanks…

Just need to sort out Security now i will start a new post regarding this…