New to freepbx [need help on incoming route]

I have a question, for example when I want to route an incoming call first to the extension then to the voicemail. How should I do it in freepbx GUI?

exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/6001|30)
exten => s,2,Voicemail(u100)
exten => s,102,Voicemail(b100)

Please give me feedback on my above code, I don’t quite understand what it means.

Just a quick note for the moment - In FreePBX, you use an Inbound Route to route an incoming call to a particular extension, and voicemail is standard and can be set up from each extension’s configuration page. As a general rule, don’t try to use Asterisk dialplan code that you may find on other sites - you’re not interacting with Asterisk, you’re interacting with FreePBX, and FreePBX generates the dialplan code that you need. So try to do what you need to do from the FreePBX GUI.

(By the way, I’m not entirely sure offhand what that code means either, but voicemail still works great on our system). :slight_smile: