New to Asterisk/FreePBX setup - Seek Advice

Hey all -

I am looking for some insight/advice on what I might need for the setup at my company. I have done some administration of an already setup and configured FreePBX system, but never done the initial setup or conversion/migration from a PRI system.
My PRI system (NEC DSX160) is maxed out at 96 lines. I need to build a scalable and affordable system. I have jumped to over 200 users on my network and need about 120 “seats” or extensions to start as well as keep at least 24 of the DIDs that I have. Obviously I need to upgrade to IP phones and will be upgrading to PoE switches, but I need to know what other sort of FreePBX / Asterisk HW or SW that I would need and any licensing as well.

Any more information that you need, please ask! Thanks!

You have a good grip on what you need to do.

No licensing but you may want to look at commercial modules.

At a minimum the system administrator and endpoint manager are very useful.

You have a choice to buy an interface for the PRICE or port your numbers to a SIP provider.

Welcome to the forums and good luck.