New! Talking Caller ID for Windows

I am pleased to announce the current release of the Caller ID Superfecta Winunciator for Windows.

Winnunciator shows textual versions of both the caller ID name and caller ID number – and uses the Windows speech API to speak the caller ID information. The Win-nunciator can be minimized to the taskbar, and takes under 10 K. of memory when awaiting caller ID data.

The Winnunciator includes features like multiple repeats upon announcement, user selectable IP port, and user customizable preamble and repeat announcement text.

The Winnunciator is a companion program, designed to be used with the Caller ID Superfecta module for FreePBX, along with the Win-nunciator data source.

The caller ID Superfecta primary discussion thread can be found here:

The caller ID Superfecta development support site, and download section can be found here:

The Winnunciator program development support site, and download section can be found here:

If you have ever wanted to have your caller ID information displayed on a Windows computer, or if you want to hear the caller ID information spoken out loud - this may be just the combo you been waiting for.

Why not drop by and kick the tires on this exciting new FreePBX module and companion program today

A new version of Caller ID Superfecta Winunciator for Windows has been released.

Version 1.1.4 of the Caller ID Superfecta Winunciator has been released, and is available for download in the files section of the Caller ID Superfecta’s development support site.

Highlights of this release include:
[]Better compatibility with Windows Vista
]Remembers screen location between restarts
[]Smaller Installer
]Enhanced Speech Rules, including:
[]Custom handling of calls without any CID info
]Custom definitions for invalid CNAM data
[*]User configurable ability to speak only the CNAM, or CNAM and CNUM

Stop by and upgrade your copy today. If you haven’t tried this text to speech system for the Caller ID Superfecta - give it a try today!