New System: Chinese(?) characters in CDR and CLI also transfer does not work


Built a new system on Saturday connected endpoints today (Monday) and transfer doesn’t work. Went to the CLI to try to figure out what’s going on and noticed that parts of the output are in Chinese characters.
Also, in the CDR all the entries in the System Column are in this format: [™å¿ 抽昼柱注虫衷註é
From the CLI:
Executing [s@crm-hangup:4] NoOp(“PJSIP/203-0000001b”, “MASTER CHANNEL: ▒忠抽昼柱注虫衷註酎鋳駐樗瀦猪苧著貯丁兆凋喋寵帖帳庁弔張彫徴懲挑暢朝潮牒町眺聴脹腸蝶調▒775-1609181992.59 = ▒忠抽昼柱注虫衷註酎鋳駐樗瀦猪苧著貯丁兆凋喋寵帖帳庁弔張彫徴懲挑暢朝潮牒町眺聴脹腸蝶調▒775-1609181991.58”) in new stack