New Superfecta?

Hi there…I see there is an update to Superfecta…what are the changes please? I also did not see an update to my ticket so I have to assume nothings been done yet?

Thanks leon

There is a change log for all modules in module admin

That assumption is partially correct, preparation has begun but nothing to report.

But here’s the thing though, Superfecta is a community supported module, which means that if and when I choose to work on it, it is done in my spare time for no compensation. These days, it’s competing with the mountain of leaves that need raking, firewood that needs to be moved, new episodes of Stranger Things, as well as regular domestic and conjugal duties.

It will get done when it gets done. CONTINUOUSLY asking for updates here and in the issue tracker is not likely to influence my schedule, at least not in a way you would find desirable.


Hi there…yeah ok I was loloking for a changelog and didnt see anything hence the questions.

THanks leon