New SSID and network key setup

Newbie alert. I have installed and configured FreePBX 14 with everything working fine. Then we moved premises and the wifi setup is totally different. At the old location I had set the system up with a fixed IP address as well as the SSID and network key. Now at the new location as the FreePBX is not on the new wifi and because of the fixed IP I cant access the system at all.
How do I setup the new SSID and network key without being able to access the system from another station?

Curious why you have setup a Phone Server on Wifi…?

Easiest way would be to hook up a monitor and keyboard to the server and configure it.

If you want to do it from another station, you’ll have to get a device which will broadcast the same SSID and have the same network range as the old setup, connect the station to wifi and you should be able to access it.

Not sure which Wifi equipment you have, but with most popular antennas you can setup additional SSIDs and network zones, so you can probably do it with the current equipment.

Thank you Itzik, great idea, I managed to setup an access point on my phone with the same credentials and access it that way.
Many thanks

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