New Site - New IP Segment - Can't hear when call out or call ext

Hi All,
I am newly managing a call center here in Malaysia.

Our old location which is using this IP segment 10.111.32.xx . Which is running fine at the moment.

But our new location is running new IP Segment which is 10.150.99.xx. Which at the moment, having an issue calling out, call can reach out, but I and the recipient can’t hear any voice. No tone as well

I set up the extension, in the same segment / location, when I call that extension, I can’t hear anything, even when I speak, the other party can’t hear nada.

When I call the old location’s extension, no ring from at all.

I am checking the FreePBX firewall, I dont see any restriction, or adding up for any new IP Lan.

Please help.

In Asterisk SIP Settlings, add to Local Networks / 24
and check that External Address is correct.
Submit, Apply Config, restart Asterisk, test.

If no luck, paste a log of a failing call, including SIP trace, at and post the link here.

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