New SIP trunk provider

Callcentric has been hit with a series of DOS attacks. Their systems have been down for over a week and the information they are saying isn’t accurate. Currently all calls to our clients are going into their voicemail systems.

We are looking for another SIP trunk provider. At this point we need some key features and haven’t had luck finding one that fits.

We have over 12 clients right now and here are the features what we are looking for:

  1. Ability to get commission on new clients with client administration.
  2. Built in digital faxes.
  3. Easy to setup SIP trunks with no need for editing conf files to get stability.
  4. Cheap rates with ability to have 5+ channels. (pay per call is ok)
  5. Phone support is preferable.

Any info on SIP trunking providers would be greatly appreciated.


For now, I would resist the urge to leave Callcentric. Just forward your DIDs at Callcentric to your new provider using a SIP URI or SIP Broker (**275 + SIPBROKERCODE + DID) and route outbound calls over new provider temporarily.

Callcentric will get this fixed, and when they do, they’ll be the most reliable provider out there.

I tend to agree that once Callcentric has fixed this problem, it will be better off but the snail’s pace and lack of feedback from them really has me concerned. I have to check their website several times a day to see if they have configuration changes I need to make to my own PBX. I’ve run my PBX for quite a few years without ever giving it any thought…up to now. It has been my primary phone system so long that having to search for temporary services to fill those Callcentric provides (911, reliable incoming calls and outgoing calls without jitter) now has me thinking of simply replacing them and be done with it.

Considering the time it takes to transfer my main number to another service, your suggestion to forward the number from Callcentric is the option I would use to go through that process. Until the main number is actually transferred to another carrier, you will have to be tied to both services.

I agree and have said so at the VOIP Tech Chat where this issue is getting a lot of discussion.

However, Callcentric’s rep has started posting regularly and has given much more details than before, plus it looks like they’ve mostly gotten the issue under control.

There’s 61 pages of discussion you can wade through if you’re interested…

Callcentric is completely down and without power.

Does anybody know of any possible way to quickly port over numbers? This is absurd…

Catcth 22, for example, Vitelity will do it in a heartbeat if possible, but the “losing” carrier will need to co-operate, if they are ten feet deep in salt water, that might take a little more time :slight_smile:

(A bad month indeed for CallCentric)

Isn’t there an emergency plan for porting?

What happens if a company goes out of business or is out for weeks?

There has to be at least some way to have these dead numbers forwarded to temp numbers especially if Callcentric can’t provide service.

Sorry, no there is none of that. From now on, use a carrier that you have previously set up a fail-over route with, but if the carrier has a single point of failure (CallCentric for example) you are pretty well fu%#ed. Yopu get what you pay for. Maybe the small print will get you a couple of bucks back.

Yeah having one data center for an IP telephone company is absurd.

My company is a small regional carrier and we have three. As the owner I have been up all night tending a mobile generator at one site and the other two are tier 3 sites will tanked diesel. We were on the edge on the storm in Northeast OH.

Dicko is dead on. You are screwed on the number. Callcentric can also object to the port and tie it up for months. The porting authority does not take sides or even view the customer. Once you LOA (Letter of Authority) your number to the carrier you have signed your business away. You need to know who you are doing business with as you have limited remedies and they are all civil and due process takes longer than most businesses can survive.

This is why after being in business under the same ownership since 1984, having no long term debt other than to owners, multi-million dollar liability policy, professional liability and business resumption insurance etc. we can legitimately charge a premium. Oh and two of the three owners are still answering customer calls while one rests to run the company in the morning.

I know it sounds like bragging but I am proud of my company and our service. I implore you the next time you pick a carrier, look to a regional with real accountability.

If you have to be East of the Mississippi drop me a PM I would love to chat with you and see if you are in our one of our markets.


PS, I just posted these pictures to my public Facebook. This is our backup data center.


After this catastrophe my main goal is to get my clients up and running.

This has really caused me to rethink the way we handle our Voip clients setup. I already got a new SIP trunking provider. However what I will probably do is get a completely different provider as a backup for our offices.

If one provider goes down we will have the numbers forwarded to our systems. We could easily then setup a couple phones remotely until they are back up.