New setup and installation

I’m trying to create a new installation, and I’m running into some problems.

  1. The interface for FreePBX 2.11 looks different from various instructions I’m finding. In particular, I’m not finding a column over on the left for setup and tools for modules.

  2. I’m trying to get either an Ekiga or SFLPhone software based phone set up on a workstation, and I can’t find anything consistent that correlates the settings from/on the PC to the computer running FreePBX. I have a VoIP account with a provider, and I’ll see about expanding it when I get to the point that the computer connects up to the server.

Speaking of providers, can anyone confirm that I will need to pay for an outgoing line for each incoming line? The ultimate setup is going towards a call center environment with 4 incoming lines for one number (coming in to operators), two coming in to specific individuals/positions, and one fax line. Am I correct in understanding that I need to pay for seven incoming lines to get this?

If that’s not necessarily the case, anyone want to recommend a provider who won’t charge me for seven numbers to get this?


I would first go and read the wiki here, it is mostly pertinent to your install if you are using the latest FreePBX (depending on how you installed it).

If you find a provider that gives you free incoming DID’s then you are VERY lucky :wink: . Each provider has their own formula for cost and concurrent calls on their “trunks”, I know of none that are free.

I did. It stops being relevant at the section entitled “Explore the Modules” (the interface in 2.11 doesn’t present a column on the left side), and it doesn’t mention Ekiga or SFLPhone in the section under Phones.

It is relevant to modern distros by PIAF and FreePBX itself, to a certain extent, Digium’s AsteriskNow.

The phones are generally about hardware, softphones are generally trivial to set up, just give them a server, extension and password to chew on.