New Set up Quesion?

I’m currently running Elastix 1.3-2 which has FreePBX embeded in it on a dev box. I must say that i am impressed with it. We are currently running Asterik BE on a new switch and Switchvox on an older one. The older one is moving to another location and I’m thinking of putting Elastix on the new one since Asterik BE in not user friendly.

Our office consists of 75 assorted Polycom Phones mostly 301’s and some 330’s. There are two main areas of the office that are separated one is a call center and the other is a Web Dev area plus the Administration up front. For the most part there are about 40 phones dedicated to the call center.

What I’m looking for in the Call center is to have agent be able to sit at any desk and log in with there specific login number so that they receive specific calls from the outside. We have a unique task that is assigned to the agent that they need to know where the call is coming from. So we have multiple toll free numbers with DID’s that customers call and the agents know how to answer those calls buy what the Caller ID Displays. There are 3 “teams” that answer a specific set of numbers and have to adjust how they answer based on the Caller Id. There outgoing calls are going to be based on what team they are on. So basically there are 3 outgoing caller ID numbers. Except for one team tho has 2 extensions on there phone for dialing out with another number.

I need some help setting this up. I currently only have been playing with this for 2 days in between tasks. I have the 3 phones calling each other, imported a list of extensions that are the same as the ones currently in use on the old switch on a different IP. i want to set up what is called “virtual extensions” in Switchvox for agent to log in to then they sit down at there desk on here but cant seem to get it. I have the call center module set up with 2 agent numbers( different form the extension numbers).

The rest of the extensions don’t need to have a agent to log in to just maybe have certain numbers ring there extension.

Thank you for any help that is given!

I have a basic understanding of how im going to route the calls inbound and out bound now. But Im still looking for a solution for having the call center employees log in at there extension. I have gotten it to somewhat work with the agent log in where it call the extension and you enter the agent number in but after that it goes to music on hold and if you hang up it logs off the agent. Also I need agents to log in at stations that have no computer too so logging in with the web gui is not a option.