New Server Coming, FreePBX Training Filling Up, 2.10 Update

With the holidays fast approaching we're firing on all pistons trying to move everything forward, keep the site healthy and prepare for those of you who will be [url=/open-telephony-training-seminar]joining us in Naples, FL for the next Open Telephony Training.![/url] Progress is solid on the new repository site and website that we discussed [url=/news/2011-12-03/server-crashes-up-coming-trainings]in the last blog.[/url] and version 2.10 is close to entering release candidate state.

On the OTTS training space is filling quicker than we expected so don’t procrastinate. The current Early Bird Pricing runs out in just a few days so take advantage of the great discount and book now. We hope to get to meet you next month and get your feedback on 2.10!

Concerning the next release, we are wrapping up many of the loose ends and will be publishing the version 2.9 to version 2.10 upgrade module within the next week or so, which will allow many more users to help test the waters on this great release. If the feedback goes well it will give us the green light to move 2.10 into the release candidate state for the final testing and push to a final release. Please hop on board and tell us what you think so we can assure a great release that meets our user community expectations!

Concerning the server troubles we mentioned last blog, great progress is being made. At this point the new server is being delivered to the datacenter tomorrow. We have staged the new virtual machine containers for the main website (this blog and all that surounds it), and for the repository site as well as a backup repository site. We are currently replicating the main site to these virtual machines every 2 hours to assure we are protected were disaster to hit prematurely. Once the server is installed in the data center we will move the virtual instances onto the new hardware and then begin the migration!

If all goes well you may be already reading this blog on the new site! We are shooting for a cut-over this weekend barring any unexpected glitches. if that is a bit aggressive, since we do like to set lofty goals, we should at least be able to get the repository mirrors up this weekend. Concerning the repository site replication for availability, we’ve decided to update FreePBX to handle multiple mirror sites. It will always try the primary site but fail over to any alternate sites that are configured. We will implement this in 2.10 and beyond, and for 2.9 and earlier releases we will handle failures by pointing the DNS record to the mirrored server in the case of failures which will address most systems.

For now that’s what we have going, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the server plans as we move forward!

Philippe - On behalf of the FreePBX Team!

Quick update … we were not able to switch over this weekend as some FedEx confusion resulted in the new server sitting in the FedEx warehouse in stead of the data center…

We will update you here or in a new blog when we are ready for the next step, which may be during this week or we may wait for the weekend, we’ll let you know.

Just a quick update, we moved the repository,, to the new replicated server this evening and so far it seems to have gone without incident.

Most of the traffic is hitting the new server other than sources obtaining stale DNS data. If you think you have run into any issues please report them to us here.

We will likely move the website to the new server in the next day or two and will let you know more details when we do such.