New Sangoma phones S405 S705

Can someone please tell us the new features on the new phones S405 and S705 that are on the Sangoma portal site? Also why no S505 phones?

Thank you in advance.

All the technical features are list in the portal if your click on the item.

S405 are now shipping. Same as S400 but has gigabit instead of 10/100.

S705 won’t ship for another month or so. It’s a S700 with a new CPU that allows for opus and a little faster. It also has built in wifi and Bluetooth into the phone by default.

The WiFi on the s705 is interesting. Can it properly send DSCP tags over wifi in addition to ethernet?

You can only use wifi or lan. Not both.

Is that WiFi a built-in chip or a USB dongle

Built in. Same with Bluetooth. No dongles.

That’s ok that only one interface can be used start time. Just wondering specificicslly if the DSCP tags work correctly for WiFi.

I am not sure on that. I dont use DSCP tags here but its just another interface so it should behave just like the LAN does.