New S505 phone is not displaying incoming caller id

We plugged in a new phone at this client. We have applied the same template as all the other phones. We’ve looked at the extension settings and compared it to a working user with no differences found. But with any incoming calls to this extension it does not display the incoming call id with either an external caller or an internal caller.

Attached is the not working phone and a working phone.

Can you share the Asterisk CLI (or /var/log/asterisk/full) output that shows up when receiving a test call to that extension? I’d probably look at the extension’s settings to see if there’s some unexpected routing rules going on, but I can’t think of any that would specifically cause this.

Got it fixed. Thought I had set them up with queues, and it was ring groups and she wasn’t a member. I got some more information from them today that I didn’t get yesterday.

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